Sock Bouquet Craft for Valentine’s Day

Sock BouquetSock Bouquet Craft for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I thought I would share a simple craft that I had made last year. If you’re like me and usually wait until the last minute to get things ready this craft is for you!


    • A pack of socks
    • Rubber bands
    • Chopsticks or Wooden Dowels
    • Vase
    • Acrylic Paint (Green)
    • Shredded Green Paper


The first thing I did was find the socks I wanted to use. I typically purchase most things online because I love the convenience of online shopping. I purchased these socks from Amazon. I think that tube socks would probably make larger “roses” but my boyfriend prefers ankle socks. Any type you buy should work! I wanted my flowers to have a variety of colors for my sock bouquet so I chose the assorted pack.

I already had some chopsticks lying around the house so I thought that they would work perfectly as the stems of my flowers. I then painted the chopsticks green with acrylic paint and let them dry overnight on newspaper. If you don’t have chopsticks you can find them here or try asking your local restaurants! If you don’t think you can locate chopsticks you could also use wooden dowels like these:
Sock BouquetSock Bouquet

*2 options shown, depending on the thickness you want

I then rolled the socks to make them look like roses and secured them on the tops of the chopsticks with rubber bands. You could also use pins, but I elected to use rubber bands to avoid pin pricks and putting holes in the socks.

How to roll your socks:

  1. Lay your socks flat
  2. Begin rolling your sock (I started from the top of the sock) making sure one side is loose (the top of the flower) while the other is tight (the bottom of the flower). I rolled my socks at a slight angle in order to make my roses taller and skinnier.
  3. Secure your socks with either rubber bands or pins, depending on your preference.

After your socks are fastened to the chopsticks or dowels, you are now ready to arrange your sock bouquet! I tried to keep similar colors away from each other since I was using a variety of colors. I also chose to make a dozen flowers but you can choose any amount you want!

Sock Bouquet

I placed shredded green paper that I also had around the house in a vase and then arranged the flowers how I wanted them. I finished the bouquet off with a Mylar balloon from the dollar store and I was finished!

Sock Bouquet

This made the perfect bouquet to give to my boyfriend for Valentine’s day and it was more useful and manly than traditional flowers. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

P.S. Any future craft posts will have more pictures of the process, but since I had completed this last year I was unable to go back and take additional pictures.

Sock Bouquet

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