My House Hunt

My House Hunt

My House Hunt


My house hunt has been much more difficult than I had anticipated.  My boyfriend John and I have been searching for around 5 months for a house to call our own. This will be the first house that we will ever own. As first time home buyers we are very lucky that we have my dad as our realtor. He has been helping us navigate through the real estate market and is probably more confused by the day about what style of house we like.

My House Hunt


My House Wish List:

  • A ranch
  • At least 1200 sq ft
  • 2 Car garage
  • 3 bedroom
  • 2 bathroom
  • A basement
  • A decent sized yard…preferably fenced in

Because my dad is a real estate agent I realize that there is no perfect house and chances are we will have some work ahead of us. I also know with the vision I have in my mind that there will definitely be renovations in our future.

I blame HGTV for all of my unrealistic expectations about houses & I’m sure it’s the biggest reason I haven’t found “the one”. We are constantly watching shows like Property Brothers and Fixer Upper which show us the many possibilities for home renovations.

Nearly every home I walk into I see potential walls that could come down, carpet that could be pulled up, and endless other improvements that could be made. I honestly can’t wait to purchase a house to make it our own.

Until we find the right house for us I will just have to continue daydreaming and pinning on Pinterest!

Are you also searching for a house or have you found “the one”? Let me know!



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