A Look Back on the Unicorn Trend

I think it’s safe to say that the Unicorn trend has officially hit it’s peak with Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappuccino. Like all good things, the unicorn trend must also come to an end. Let’s take a look back at the unicorn trend in all it’s rainbow glory…

image source// www.starbucks.com

 Unicorn Food

There’s been unicorn bagels, grilled cheese, popcorn, bread, cakes, etc. Basically there’s so much unicorn inspired food out there that I could go on forever. If you google image search the term “unicorn food” you’ll see enough rainbow food to last a lifetime. Enjoy!

 Unicorn Hair

Unicorn hair is fun for festivals, the perfect instagram photo, and people who don’t have real jobs or at least those who have a much cooler dress code than most.

Head-Turner: Unicorn Hair
Head-Turner: Unicorn Hair

Unicorn Makeup

I believe a unicorn highlighter was the first kick off the unicorn makeup trend and everything else soon followed. Maybe reserve this look for Halloween or an extra magical occasion.

Unicorn Makeup
Have you participated in the Unicorn trend? Do you think it’s time is up?
Let me know!

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